Goon/Kennedy Resin Drip Tip

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This is a wide bore drip tip made from resin. This wide bore drip tip features 12.8mm length, 16mm outer diameter and 12.4mm outer connector diameter. With the hollow center, this drip tip will bring you good vaping experience! The resin drip will be shipped in random color (one piece).
It is suitable for Goon RDA, Goon RTA, Lost Art Goon RDA, Goon LP RDA, Kennedy 24 / 25 RDA, Battle RDA, Mask RDA, Kryten RDA, Mad Dog RDA, Mask RDA, CSMNT Cosmonaut RDA, Unholy RDA, Apocalypse GEN 2 RDA, Reload RDA, Mini Battle RDA, Avid Lyfe Captain Cap II RDA.

Color Random Color
Product Type Drip tip
Material Resin
Package 1 x Drip Tip
Weight 1.7g (0.06oz)
Depth 16mm (0.63 inch)
Height 12.8mm (0.5 inch)
Width 12.5mm (0.49 inch)
More info

Material: Resin;
Connector outer diameter: 12.4mm;
Outer diameter: 16mm;
Length: 12.8mm;
Suitable for Kennedy 24 and the Goon RDA

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