Vaping: A pop culture phenomenon


If you haven’t heard of vaping, you’ve probably spent the last few years living on a remote island. It’s everywhere: in restaurants, clubs, offices and even on the big screen. Elegant e-cigarettes are becoming a popular accessory in the hands of the trendy, hip and stylish cosmopolitans of the world. But don’t be mistaken into thinking that vaping is simply an alternative to smoking cigarettes. Let’s take a look at how vaping has evolved and become a part of popular culture.

The vap(evolution) – from clouds of smoke to clouds of vapour.

Human beings like to strive towards the new, the unknown and the exciting. Just like Neil Armstrong walked the moon, we continually strive to broaden our horizons. One of the biggest ongoing aspects of evolution is our increasing sense of self-preservation and with it our health. People are becoming more health conscious and doing away with bad habits, especially the smoking of cigarettes. But even in the sphere of smoking we are seeing an evolution – vaping. Vaping is not merely an alternative, but an evolution from smoking harmful cigarettes to enjoying the exquisite taste of quality e-liquids. Not only is vaping the healthier choice, but also the entry card into an exclusive group of like-minded individuals.

It’s more than just vaping, it’s a full blown phenomenon.

Part of the allure of vaping is the fact that it is more of a hobby and lifestyle choice, as opposed to cigarettes, which are considered to be an addiction and a nasty habit. One of the best ways to demonstrate this is to look at popular culture – the main indicator of trending behaviour. What started off as a sub-culture has now bloomed into a mainstream movement, one that can be seen across all forms of the media, especially movies and series. Remember Johnny Depp in the tourist puffing away on his e-cig in the train? While the advertising of cigarettes was banned a few years ago, vaping products and electronic cigarettes are promoted everywhere – marketing companies geared solely towards promoting vaping have also seen the light. Even social media is a buzz with vapers sharing their experiences with the vaping community. South Africans are catching up with the rest of the world with hashtags like #vapelife #vapeporn #vapefam starting to trend locally.

It’s all about choosing the right gear to get the most out of your vaping experience.

Unlike purchasing a box of cigarettes from your supermarket, the vaping market offers a wider range of merchandise – stylish e-cigs and e-liquids that require the user to be properly informed about the product they purchase. Rather like purchasing the right equipment for climbing Kilimanjaro, you need the best quality gear to make the most of the experience. There’s no point in starting your vaping journey with sub-par products. You want the best quality at the best price, like the Kanger subbox mini kit – the perfect choice for the vaping newbie, as it the slim line Kanger EMOW starter kit. The Kanger subbox Nano kit comes with a beautiful black finish, a great way to show of your vaping style.

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