Switching from smoking to e-cigs: Ensure a smooth transition


Despite the bountiful benefits of switching from smoking to vaping, this transition may prove a challenging one for many smokers wishing to enter the wonderful world of vaping. If you are trying to convert to smoking e-cigs but find yourself coughing, struggling to adjust to e-liquid flavours and amounts, and experiencing general confusion with the complex technical side of vaping, it may seem that simply lighting a cigarette is the better way to go.

Rest assured that you are not alone! Many people face frustrations when trying to switch to e-cigs, often feeling that they have an itch that vaping just doesn’t scratch. It will always be challenging to switching from a one long-term habit to another, and experiencing some difficulty at first is more common than one might think. Remember that you are simultaneously breaking one habit while waiting for the next to take.

Before you decide vaping isn’t for you, make sure you try these five tricks to help you better adjust to the healthier alternative.

1. Invest in a quality device and backup

The device you’re using can make a world of difference to your overall vaping experience. More often than not, if a user is unsatisfied with vaping, it’s because of the kind of device they are using. There are three different kinds of devices – cigalikes that resemble cigarettes, e-cigs with a button and tank for liquid and large full-featured vape mods. Not all these devices are equally satisfying and you need to experiment with different devices in order to find one that gives you the satisfaction you crave. It is also wise to buy a backup device to use while your other device charges or if you misplace it, because not having a device handy will make the temptation to smoke a lot stronger.


2. Commit, and then give it time

It is vitally important for you to make a commitment to switching to vaping and remain persistent in reaching your goal. While smoking and vaping may seem like the exact same act, vaping is different to smoking and can’t act as a quick fix for quitting smoking. Allow yourself enough time to get used to smoking e-cigs and remember that all great things take time.

3. The world is your oyster

Many smokers who switch to vaping start off with tobacco flavoured e-liquid as that seems like the logical option. This flavour resembles smoking cigarettes, but why not cast the tobacco e-liquid aside for something more exciting? Vaping offers you something that cigarettes fail to - a customised smoking experience! There are delicious e-liquid flavours such as Creamy Lemon Biscuits and then there are also revolutionary flavours like Che Guava.  You can use this to your advantage by exploring the endless e-liquid options and, eventually, cigarettes just won’t taste as good as they used to.

4. Get your nicotine fix

To avoid getting sick from too much nicotine or ending up craving cigarettes because you’re not getting enough, make sure that you are getting the right level of nicotine. If you used to smoke a pack of filtered cigarettes a day, it is recommended that you start off with 12ml. If you were previously a light to medium smoker, it is recommended that you start with 6mg. However, this aspect of vaping differs from person to person and you will need to experiment in order to find the perfect balance.

5. Don’t be so hard on yourself

Transitioning from smoking a pack of cigarettes a day to a different habit is no easy task. Vaping is not a magic cure that will immediately replace your craving for cigarettes and it is only human to give in to temptation every now and then. Instead of focusing on the fact that you smoked a cigarette, rather think of all the cigarettes you haven’t smoked since you switched to vaping. While switching to vaping completely is best, “dual use” is common among many new vapers. This means smoking cigarettes and vaping at the same time, with the goal being to cut down on the cigarettes until you’re only vaping.

Because smoking e-cigs is something that differs from person to person, it is about trial and error until you find the perfect solution for you. Vaper’s Corner offers a variety of high quality vape mods,  a range of delicious e-liquids as well as comprehensive starter kits ideal for the first-time vaper.

Image Credit: https://www.flickr.com