Exploring South Africa's top e-cigarette brands


Because there is such a large variety of e-cigarette brands available, first time vapers might feel like a kid in a candy store struggling to decide which candy to take home. With questions about quitting smoking, how vaping works, and what you need to get started running through your mind, the last thing you need is to be bombarded with a confusing variety of e-cigarette brands to choose from. 

You will soon discover that vaping is very much dependent on your unique preferences – you will determine things like which e-liquid PG/VG ratio is best for you as well as how much nicotine you will be ingesting. That’s why you need to start your vaping journey off by choosing a device and e-cigarette brand which will suit your tastes and allow you to smoke e-cigarettes the way you want to.

South Africa’s top trio of vaping vendors

After you have a rough idea of what kind of device you are looking for, you need to do some research into the e-cigarette brands you are considering. We have done this for you by discussing the similarities, differences, and advantages of each of the following brands: Twisp, Green Smoke and Vaper’s Corner.


Twisp: These products are sold in stores and selected retailers and vapers can also purchase products online. However, if you want to exchange/repair your device or require the assistance of an expert, you will need to go to your nearest store.

Green Smoke: You can purchase these products in stores or online, or you can also order online for collection at a store.

Vaper’s Corner: This is a strictly online store with a difference. The difference being you can order any product on the website and you will receive free overnight delivery to your doorstep – no having to wait several working days to receive your product or having to choose between limited products available in stores.


Twisp: These e-cigarettes previously had automatic batteries which turned on when being used and automatically switched off. However, these were discontinued due to faulty products. Now they use 650mAh manual batteries which take about two hours to charge but deplete fairly quickly if you vape regularly.

Green Smoke: Their short battery has a mAh rating of 160 and lasts about two hours while the long battery is 270mAh and lasts for roughly three hours before it needs another charge. This is good for vapers who will not be too hard on their e-cigarette.

Vaper’s Corner: The EMOW battery used in most of their products can support up to 13 hours of vaping if used at the 3.7V setting. Alternatively, you can use the Efest 18650 Battery which has a rating of 3 000mAh and has an output of 75w in standard mode and 50j in temperature control mode.


Twisp: This brand offers a variety of e-juices with a 50/50 PG/VG ratio. They also offer liquids with 0% nicotine. The liquids are quite expensive, don’t last long, and have been reported to leak.

Green Smoke: The FlavorMax cartomizers do not offer a lot of diversity and it is only available in eight flavours. Vapers do not have a great selection and the flavours are very basic.

Vaper’s Corner: These e-liquids offer the greatest variety so far, with juices from brands such as Ambrosia, Boosted, and Craft Vapour. The exotic flavours vary in price, accommodating everyone’s budget and offer appealing options such as creamy lemon biscuits and southern custard with varying PG/VG ratios.


Twisp: These products are best suited for vapers who are just starting out because of the competitive pricing of some of their products.  However, you will need to purchase a better quality device if you plan on vaping for longer than six months. Customers have also complained about leaking mouthpieces and coils quickly burning up, resulting in having to purchase coils more often.

Green Smoke: While these products are simple and straightforward to use, vapers do not have control over PG/VG ratios or nicotine intake and the overall experience may be unsatisfactory to those who are trying to quit smoking. 

Vaper’s Corner: These products are best suited to individuals who know what they want to get out of their vaping experience and want to use quality devices. There is a range of different devices to suit varying needs and vapers will thoroughly enjoy the range of e-liquids. There are also added extras such as free overnight delivery and free gifts included in your package.

Image credit: http://www.flickr.com